What to do after a house fire


What to do after a house fire?

Having a fire in your home is devastating.  Directly after the fire you may be looking at your home with your hands on your head wondering what to do next.  Below are the important steps you and your family should take after you have been affected by a fire.

Ask when you can get back into your home

You need to ask the firemen or police on the scene when and if it is safe to go back in to your home. You should not enter without asking as the structure may be unsafe.

Make calls

Your first call should be to anyone else who lives in the home.  You need to let them know what happened and that you are safe. Calling your insurance company is imperative.  Your representative will help you with lodging options, filing claims and finding an approved professional clean up company.

Fire report

Ask the fire chief how you can get a copy of the fire report.  You will need this for insurance and clean up purposes.

Secure home

Depending on where the home is damaged, you will need to secure it so that your belongings stay safe. Most insurance companies require this.

Clean up

Cleaning up from a fire is a daunting task.  A professional company that is approved by your insurance will have all of the proper tools and equipment to remove the smoke odor, clean and repair damages items or areas and even restore your home.


Recovering from a home fire can be very traumatic and have lasting impacts on your family, especially children.  Be sure to reassure your family that things can be replaced and that you have each other.

A home fire is stressful event but if you follow these steps you will soon be on the road to recovery.