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Lead Abatement

Paul Davis is EPA certified in Lead Abatement including lead based paint renovation, repair, and
painting activities

lead-abatement-companyWhy is lead paint dangerous?

Particularly if children under the age of 6 ingest lead paint chips or lead paint dust
resulting consequences can include organ damage and even death. Lead
poisoning can affect the brain severely enough to cause headaches, irritability,
fatigue, and even diminished intellectual performance. Pregnant women are also
at risk for the serious effects of lead poisoning.

How do I know if I have a lead paint problem?

Lead paint was used in properties built prior to 1978 after which its application
was then outlawed. Lurking beneath the layers of latex paint may be layers of
lead paint in an appropriately aged property. Scraping or sanding materials with a
layer of lead paint either hidden or on the surface can create dangerous lead
paint dust.

Is the paint cracking or chipping? Young children can eat paint chips. They also
can touch objects that have been covered with lead dust then put their
fingers in their mouths which ingests the poisonous particles into their
little bodies.

Common areas where we most often inspect for lead paint:

Doors, windows, door and window frames, bathroom vanities, kitchen
cabinets, baseboards, interior walls, stairway treads/risers, railings, and
glazed tile.
Siding on home and garage, trim on home and garage, porches, fences, window
sills and casings.
So, if you suspect you have a lead paint problem…Call Paul!

After contacting us what happens next?

  • A Certified Paul Davis expert will perform an inspection of your
  • Testing will be done to determine the extent of the lead paint
  • Our Paul Davis expert will provide a detailed, written report that
    includes both an estimate and a plan for the lead abatement.
  • Once the best course of action is determined we will abate the
    lead paint on your property safely and completely.
  • We will refer you to multiple 3 rd party, independent labs to test
    for the final result.