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Asbestos Abatement

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Approved and Licensed in Asbestos Abatement by The State of Maine DEP

Ever been in your basement and noticed your pipes were insulated with a white coating?  Have you seen the same white coating encasing your heating system? How about when remodeling an older home have you ever been concerned about whether the linoleum you are ripping up may spread asbestos particles into the air? Asbestos can be hard to identify unless if done by a properly trained expert, or, if the material is actually tested. It is therefore crucial that a licensed and highly trained professional inspect your property before doing any remodeling work.

When should I Caul Paul for an asbestos abatement assessment?

Touching, scratching, hitting, moving, or drilling into material containing asbestos can distribute the dangerous particles into the air to be inhaled. Years later serious health problems can result. In the 19th and 20th centuries this menacing material was once thought to be a miracle because of its impressive fire retardant and insulative characteristics. If you have reason to disturb a material on your property that you think may contain asbestos Caul Paul!

Before the mid 1980’s common building materials that may contain asbestos include:

Drywall joint compounds                          Vinyl Flooring

Roofing Tars                                                Transite Panels

Popcorn Ceilings                                         HVAC Duct Connectors

Thermal Pipe Insulation                             Fireproofing

Vermiculite Insulation                                Exterior Siding

The experts at Paul Davis understand how risky coming into contact with any of the above listed materials can be. We are expertly trained and certified with The Maine Department of Environmental Protection and we use special methods and advanced equipment to properly abate any asbestos concern on your property. Once you Call Paul you can expect:

  • Inspection by licensed and certified Paul Davis expert.
  • A material sample will be delivered to a 3rd party, independent lab to determine if it is asbestos.
  • We will give you a detailed, written estimate and plan for how the asbestos will be safely abated.
  • Paul Davis will begin work on your property in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations including getting approvals from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.


Our Team

Tony Moreno – Design Consultant, Asbestos Supervisor, Lead RRP, OSHA-50

Jeremy Legere – Asbestos Supervisor

Caleb Brown – Asbestos Supervisor